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ChunYuan 2017 meeting

Time:2018/02/03 Click:
Yesterday, our company held 17 years of our company's annual meeting, this time we will be more simple than before, everyone is happy to sit together to eat a meal, compared to the previous, this time we are warm, no one is all Chun Yuan family together, everybody have a joyous gathering together, chat, last night's annual meeting chaired by the general staff of our king, not only the balance of course standbys sweepstakes, is not the number of red, as long as all of us are happy, here we have to mention Zheng Zong, special thanks to our love of Zheng Zong. The heart of all of us parents, specially prepared for our filial piety fund for each member of the family of parents, the boss, is worth us to pay for him such enterprises, and then after the end of the party we ate dinner, all people really like one family to celebrate the new year, thank you! Let's have a happy and peaceful annual meeting together.
The whole family of Chun Yuan is here in advance to wish you a happy new year, and hope that all people will be red and red in the coming year.
I wish you all a happy and happy Spring Festival!