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Characteristics of biomass combustion particles

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1 green environmental protection:
Burning smoke-free, tasteless, clean and environment-friendly, its sulfur content, ash content and nitrogen content are much lower than those of coal, oil and so on. The zero emission of carbon dioxide enjoys the reputation of "green coal".
2 low cost added value is high:
With high heat value and low cost, it is a clean energy generation for oil generation advocated by the state, and has a broad market space.
3 density increases the convenience of storage and transportation:
It is small in size, larger than one, large in density, convenient for processing, conversion, storage, transportation and continuous use.
4 high efficiency and energy saving:
The volatile matter is high, the carbon activity is high, the burning rate is over 98%, the waste heat of the ash is very low, and the amount of ash is little, only 1/20. of coal.
5 the wide application is strong:
Forming fuel can be widely used in industrial and agricultural production, unit families, such as power generation, heating and heating, boiler burning, cooking and so on


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