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The smokeless production of ChunYuan smokeless device makes

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The whole country is now investigating environmental protection, especially the production of black smoke. I believe that many enterprises have a headache. But next, I want to introduce an artifact to you so that everyone can make money with open heart.
The name of the artifact I want to introduce is: Chun Yuan wet smoke removal equipment, which is composed of cathode line and anode (precipitate pole). Its working principle is that flue gas passes through high voltage electric field, high voltage electric field makes charged smoke and droplets in smoke, forming charged ions, charged particles moving to phase reverse charge electrode, charged ions to After discharging the electrode, neutral dust and fog particles are formed, which are deposited on the electrode and agglutinated and landed.
In order to make the charged ions moving in the same direction in the electric field, the alternating current is required to be direct current, so a set of rectifier and voltage variable power supply devices must be set up in the electric mist eliminator equipment.
In order to improve the efficiency of dedusting equipment dedusting and defrosting, it is necessary to form a certain intensity of current, and the cathode line must have a certain line current intensity. This requires that the anode tube of the electric mist eliminator must have more than the corona current, and the cathode line must have a certain line current intensity.
The size and conductivity of dust and fog are also important factors to determine the efficiency of dust removal and fog. The main particle size range of the electrostatic precipitator for electric fogs is 0.01--100UM, and the specific resistance range of the smoke and smoke is 3*106---1010 ohm.
In order to ensure the efficiency of dedusting and defrosting of the electric mist eliminator, it is necessary to regularly clean the precipitating water of the mist eliminator.